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The Pick of Furniture Shops in Oxfordshire

Bedroom furniture is just one of our many specialities and The Furniture Store holds a wide selection of beds, futons, drawers and bedside tables in Oxfordshire that offer outstanding value and quality. If you are letting out a property or venturing into a new home for the first time, we can help you find the perfect piece of furniture at exactly the right price.

Oak and Pine Bookcases in Oxfordshire

Many of our items make fantastic centrepieces and The Furniture Store are experts in sourcing oak and pine bookcases in Oxfordshire that are ideal for those who have moved into the local area to study at our famous universities. Our items are also perfectly suited to the letting market and we always have a plentiful supply of furniture available.

Enjoy convenient storage solutions without compromising on aesthetic appeal and quality by using The Furniture Store for wardrobes and drawers in Oxfordshire. We can deliver your furniture items waxed, assembled and ready to use at any property within the local area.

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For bookcases, wardrobes and drawers in Oxfordshire, contact your local experts at The Furniture Store today.

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